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The architecture of yesteryear is famous for its beauty and elegance.  Renovation of a period home requires an approach which will preserve your home’s integrity of character and add value. An authentic, quality renovation will restore the original charm and ensure that your investment will be enjoyed not only today but also by future generations.

We understand the unique challenges of renovating a period home and we know that renovating a home can be time consuming and disruptive. We make it easy for you.

  • Supplying all tessellated tiles, slate and materials

  • Liaising with other tradespeople

  • Maintaining a clean worksite, removing all rubbish and leaving your home clean and tidy

  • Friendly and professional service

  • Attention to detail

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Your new verandah awaits

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Tessellated Verandahs

A feature of period homes

Generously wide verandahs are a feature of period homes that embraces the Australian climate and harmonise with South Australia’s wide, tree- lined streets. These unique Federation and Victorian homes, bungalows, villas and cottages are widely recognised for their significant character and value. We can restore your verandah to its former charm.


Heritage Bathroom

Heritage Bathrooms


Renovation of a Heritage bathroom demands an authentic approach. We offer a complete bathroom renovation service.